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205 000 ₽

Polina Syutkina Focal structural epilepsy

145 620 ₽

for Ksenia Sviridova Cerebral palsy

85 971 ₽

for Sasha Mikhalchenko tuberous sclerosis

36 600 ₽

for Vasilisa Vavilova focal epilepsy

100 000 ₽

for Vitya Osadchiy ichthyosis and Olmsted's syndrome

10 000 ₽

for Taisiya Panova, rehabilitation after cerebral palsy

20 978 ₽

for Vika Chaika, medications for keeping her in a coma

75 000 ₽

for Artyom Pozher, epidermolysis bullosa

Polina Syutkina

9 years old, Voronezh

Polina is 9 years old and, like any child, she loves to watch cartoons and she also enjoys listening to music and fairy tales. The girl is in the second grade, but is homeschooled, all because at 5 months Polina had her first epileptic seizure. After a complete examination, the child was diagnosed with symptomatic epilepsy. For a long time, her physician tried to find anti-epileptic therapy, but unfortunately, due to the complex form of epilepsy, remission was not achieved. Now Polina spends most of her time in a wheelchair; it is also needed for going outside and visiting hospitals. Like all children, Polina is growing up and her old wheelchair is already too small for her. Let's help her purchase a specialised wheelchair and make her life easier and more comfortable!

Ksenia Sviridova

13 y.o., Volgograd

Ksenia Sviridova from Volgograd is 13 years old, and she is one of the twins diagnosed with cerebral palsy. During the period from 2015 to 2018, Ksenia underwent several surgeries on her hip joints in St. Petersburg at the Albrecht Institute. However, as everyone knows, surgeries are not enough, proper rehabilitation is the key to restoring the functions of the musculoskeletal system. Ksenia is an optimist, she loves everything new and has a huge craving for knowledge. Despite cerebral palsy, Ksenia loves to play billiards, jump on a trampoline (she can only do so lying down so far), and swim (where it is shallow). She also dreams of having a pet dog! To recover, Ksenia needs to undergo a rehabilitation course in Volgograd, this is what we are opening the fundraising for!

Sasha Mikhalchenko

16 y.o., Kyiv region, Ukraine

Sasha Mikhalchenko is 16 years old and lives in the Kyiv region. At 6 months old, he started having seizures. After examination, he was diagnosed with Bourneville disease (also known as tuberous sclerosis). Physicians prescribed the boy with anticonvulsant therapy, but the situation changed in the summer of 2020 - Sasha was diagnosed with a brain tumor and hydrocephalus. For medical reasons, Sasha underwent surgery that was successful. However, now he needs to undergo cancer treatment with Afinitor, which will reduce the size of the tumor and reduce the risks of a second surgery.

Vasilisa Vavilova

2 years 5 months old, the village of Gorshki

Vasilisa lives in the village of Gorshki, Perm region. At three months old, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, and since then Vasilisa has been taking medications. However, the treatment does not help, and the number of seizures does not decrease, they still occur several times a day. Now, doctors suggest that the diagnosis may be wrong, and daily seizures are caused not by epilepsy, but rather a manifestation of a genetic disease. To find out what happens, she needs a genetic test that costs 36,600 rubles. The test will help determine the origins of the disease and to thereafter apply the right therapy.

Vitya Osadchiy

1 year 4 months old, Ussuriysk

Viktor is only 1 year and 4 months old, he lives in Ussuriysk, Primorsky Territory. He has congenital ichthyosis and Olmsted syndrome. Every month, Vitya needs special care products and special nutrition, this is about 80,000-100,000 rubles a month depending on his health condition, which can both improve and deteriorate. Kids like him are called Fish children. The necessary care funds are not paid from the budget. The child needs the constant care of the mother, and the father's income is not enough to feed the family.

Taisiya Panova

2 years 9 months old, Bryansk

Baby Taisiya ​​has CP. Another name for this disease is cerebral palsy. This diagnosis causes trouble moving, thinking and speaking. It was necessary to help raise funds for a rehabilitation course. After the first course of treatment in Moscow, Taisiya ​​feels much better, she can now maintain a straight back, and her hand motility and speech improved.

Vika Chaika

12 y.o., the village of Nikolaevka

Vika's story is anything but simple. After measles encephalitis, she fell into a coma. For 2 years, Vika has been supported by mechanical ventilation and various medications. Thanks to the first money transfer, Vika's parents were able to buy expensive medicines that ensured the maintenance of vital body systems for another month.

Artyom Pozher

13 years old, Primorsko-Akhtarsk

Artyom has a complex disease - congenital epidermolysis bullosa, children like him are also called “butterfly children”. They need daily dressings: this allows them to feel comfortable and lead a normal life. Thanks to the donation, we managed to buy medications and expensive dressings.

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